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If you think you have Two (or more) Left Feet and don’t know where to start, Ballroom Made Simple’s beginner friendly VIP program will guide you through the tutorials you need to get started.

Pam has produced several beginner friendly ballroom dance tutorials based on your dance experience.

When you join the VIP Group she will personally recommend the video you should watch FIRST, to give you direction, so that you don’t feel lost in the group.

  • 3 Left Feet (NO experience) you will start with Pam’s “Getting Started” Video even if you have NEVER danced before. You’ll learn where to place arms/hands and to create a dance frame; and slowly begin to dance a box and turning box.
  • 2 Left Feet (a small amount of dance experience but willing to try!) you’ll want to start with taking Pam’s Ballroom Challenge to begin building repetitive muscle memory even if you’ve only taken once dance class.
  • 1 Left Loot/1 Right Foot: you are feeling a bit more comfortable, maybe you have taken several lessons, and can now branch out and begin to view other group tutorials with confidence so that you begin to dance even more! Start with Pam’s 3 Simple Steps series.

Get Your First THREE Days free! Then you’ll be billed $17/month for a recurring subscription. (No refunds but you can cancel at any time.)

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Note: You’ll need a Facebook account, and a PayPal account for recurring payments.