A Recipe for Successful Social Dancing

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Dancer Tip - driver's licenseI’m often asked “how long does it take to learn enough steps to dance through a whole song”? The answer is “how much time are you willing to work at it?”

My recipe for social dance success (and I’m sure other instructors will agree) is to take a mix of group and private lessons, plus going to local dances and, of course, practice.

1) Start with a beginner or newcomer group class. This is where you learn the fundamentals of each dance: timing, musicality, foot positions etc. You’ll meet new people with similar interests and the best part is the spotlight is NOT on you – there are others busy learning to move their feet and body.

2) If you take a group class that you really enjoy and you want to learn more, then talk to your instructor about scheduling a few private lessons to help you take your dancing to the next level. That way you can work at YOUR pace, and not at the pace of a group class. Private lessons give you the time to work one on one with your instructor to focus on form and frame. You can learn new figures too that may not have been presented in class.

3) Last but not least, take every opportunity to DANCE! Taking lessons and not dancing is like getting your driver’s license and not driving. What’s the point? Yes, it’s a little scary (I was petrified when I walked into a ballroom for the first time) but even if you go as a spectator at
least you’ve entered the dance hall, right? You may even see friends who are dancers ~ wouldn’t that be cool?

May 2016 be the year you take your first step on to the dance floor. Apply these tips and you’ll be dancing in no time!

Ballroom Made Simple wishes you a successful dancing year ahead filled with many memorable hours on the dance floor!

Remember #youcandancetoo ~ Pam

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