Why I’m So Passionate About Teaching Ballroom Dancing

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

Happy New Year one and all!

Flashback: I was first introduced to Line Dancing in the 90’s and loved it! My friends and I would hit the local dance venues and boot scoot across the floor all night (although my ole knees are paying the price now 🙂

One night in particular, I looked up and saw a couple swing dancing in the corner while others were line dancing. They immediately caught my eye and I wanted so badly to dance like they were dancing. I knew the man and felt comfortable asking him to dance but I was so scared and intimidated because I didn’t know which foot to step on first. I was too embarrassed to try and, because of that mindset, I did not try. So, I sat back and watched.

2014 Balloom Graduates

Graduates of my Intro to Ballroom Class

That memory is what keeps me motivated to teach beginners how to ballroom dance. Most new students enter the room on the first night of a class with no concept of what to expect. They don’t realize there is a method to the madness as we break down the steps in small pieces, and that there will be technique and skill involved, but most of all there will be (I hope!) fun and joy on the dance floor. If they can walk away with the confidence to successfully start a dance with their partner, then I’m happy.

As a new year gets underway, please don’t let that self-doubt mindset cause you to lose years of joyful dancing like it did me. I got a late start but I’m savoring every dance moment now. Start dancing today and “Experience the Joy of Dance” for a lifetime!

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