Ballroom Dancing: Creating Friendships On The Dance Floor

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014


L-R: Ballroom Made Simple dance students: John, Michele, Jill and Chad.

Many years ago I danced a stint in the world of square-dancing. One particular comment I remember the wives telling me when I started is that even though they had to drag their spouses out to dance, ultimately it was the men who ended up bonding with the other husbands and enjoying the camaraderie of the dance events. It was a night out for the men as well as the ladies.

Ballroom dancing also offers the same social outlet for men and women. I love how learning to dance opens up your world to people of all ages and backgrounds ~ healthcare workers, business owners, teachers, retirees and students, and the list goes on and on.

During one of my recent group classes two couples met for the first time and they immediately hit it off. John and Michele and Chad and Jill have formed a great new friendship through ballroom dancing. Chad, a former chef, and Michele who is quite a culinary talent, bring their love of food and cooking into the friendship as a common denominator. The group frequently gets together for dinner after class and I love that!

My message to take away from this post is that even if you have a fear of learning to dance, or a fear of dancing in front of other people, ballroom dancing is a safe and entertaining venue to meet people and make friends in your community ~ whether it is at a social dance or through your local ballroom dance classes. It allows you the opportunity to focus on the social benefits of dance: building your confidence, meeting new people and building new friendships along the way. So, come on out ~ Ballroom Made Simple is waiting to meet you!

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