If the Shoe Fits. . . Wear It! 6 Tips for Purchasing Your First Pair of Ballroom Dance Shoes

Friday, May 16th, 2014

I am asked this question frequently by my beginner dance students. For those new dancers who now have the dancing bug for which there is no cure, you may want to invest in a pair of practice shoes, and maybe grow into a pair of dressy ballroom shoes. Here are several options:

1) If budgets are tight, transform a pair of shoes you already have. Take a close look at your shoe collection in your closet. Is there is a pair of shoes you like but haven’t worn for a while? If they are comfortable and you still want to get some use out of them, take them to a local shoe repair store and ask them to put on a soft leather/split leather/suede dancer’s sole. (Get a price quote first!)


Here’s a great casual dance shoe for men – perfect for practice or a dance social!

2) Visit a local retail dance supply store. The store probably sells ladies dance sneakers and other affordable, ballroom dance shoes. Sometimes I find the soles are a little “fast” on the generic ballroom shoe so be cautious when you first dance in them. If the store doesn’t carry your size, ask if they can help you place an order.

3) Order on-line. Search “ballroom practice shoes” and you will stumble across many dance shoe websites. Check their return/refund policy.

4) Some of the ballroom dance weekend event organizers bring in an on-site shoe vendor to display their inventory at the hotel/venue. This is a good time to try on shoes to get a feel for how the sizes fit.

5) Ballroom dance studios may also carry a variety of shoe styles. If you are traveling, search on-line to see if one is nearby so you can try them on.

6) Men, don’t feel left out ~ there are plenty of shoe styles available for you too!

Consider the purchase of your first pair of dance shoes as an investment. I think you will notice an improvement in your dance moves too!

Til Next Time, Keep the Beat!

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