Should You Repeat a Ballroom Dance Class?

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

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Taking a Group Class a second time can help reinforce your dance knowledge.

I am frequently asked this question by my beginner students. It’s a little awkward because, as a business owner, I don’t want my customers to feel that I am saying “Yes” just to retain their business. But, the truth is, “Yes” ~ it is perfectly O.K. to repeat a class. A four week series is not always enough time for new dancers to feel confident on the dance floor.

When I attend out of town ballroom dance workshops I often repeat a beginner group lesson. I sometimes take it as a follower and sometimes I’ll step in as leader. I learn something new every time ~ a tip that helps me improve my skill or technique. Sometimes I’m re-introduced to just one word, or a phrase that I didn’t catch the first time, that helps the information sink in.

Over the years, I have had several students repeat my classes and the feedback is very positive! They leave the class feeling much more comfortable (and confident) with their dancing abilities.

So, YES, it’s perfectly acceptable to repeat a dance class because 1) you enjoyed the low impact aerobic exercise the class offered, 2) it was a dance you struggled with and you want that extra practice, repetition and reinforcement, or 3) now that you know the steps you can focus more on your technique and styling.

If you are unsure or undecided, please know that you can always ask me.

Have you had a positive dance experience by repeating a class? Share it with me at

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