Take a Chance on Romance ~ Learn to Ballroom Dance

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Single dancers (and men in particular) take note. . . You just may find a compatible dance partner in your next dance class.

Spark a romance ~ learn to ballroom dance!

As I was sitting at a table at a local dance event I looked around the room and spotted three couples who met on the dance floor. One couple connected when they were paired together in a class because his partner was sick and unable to attend. One couple, both widowed but who socialized in the same circles when married, have happily connected on the dance floor and have been dancing together ever since! Another couple met in a dance class and are now having a wonderful time attending dance functions together.

To walk into a dance class as a single dancer can be uncomfortable to say the least. You are not always matched with Ms. or Mr. Wright. I once attended a workshop where an unattached man, well over 6 feet tall, was randomly partnered with a woman who was barely 5 feet tall. Both were very good sports during that lesson! As for me, I’ve been matched in classes with my share of not so desirable partners, and yet I’ve danced on air with many others.

If you are single, and if learning to dance is truly your heart’s desire, it’s just a chance you have to take. Who knows ~ you may just meet a partner on and off the dance floor. Let Ballroom Made Simple help you get started!

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